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Will you be able to SLEEP when darkness comes?

Being Prepared for Emergency or Disaster Scenarios


Emergencies and Disaster scenarios may not occur frequently but when they do, can catch Individuals and even Federal, State and Local Emergency and Disaster Services unprepared and ill equipped.  The likelihood of different types of emergencies or disasters may vary significantly, depending upon where you live.  Examples include Extreme Weather, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Tsunami, and Pandemic.  It is also important to consider the types of social emergencies which can result from natural or other types of disasters.
SoLar Energy and Emergency Preparedness (SLEEP) is a business that was born out of a desire for Individuals, Communities, and Emergency Services to be better prepared for Emergency or Disaster situations.  We specialize in harnessing solar energy to provide critical emergency power systems when commercial power is off line or unavailable in short term or long term scenarios.

SLEEP Emergency Response System (ERS)

The SLEEP Emergency Response System (ERS) is the fundamental design concept for the products and services marketed by SLEEP.  SLEEP produces and sells Custom ERS Trailer systems as its primary product line.  SLEEP also produces Custom ERS for RVs, SUVs, Toy Haulers, and Fixed Installations.
See the SLEEP Emergency Response System page that provides an introduction and overview for the SLEEP ERS Concept.  It contains information on why the SLEEP ERS was designed, what makes the SLEEP ERS different from other systems available on the market, the general capabilities of the SLEEP ERS, and who the clients are for the SLEEP ERS.
In addition, visit the SLEEP Custom ERS page for a presentation that documents an actual example of a custom SLEEP ERS Trailer system being built in stages and then deployed.  It shows quality of design and construction and comprehensive capability of a SLEEP ERS Trailer system.  Please contact us for SLEEP ERS Trailer systems pricing and options..  SLEEP ERS Trailer systems pricing begins at around $20,000 and can be fully equipped as shown in this presentaion for $30,000-$40,000.


Finally, the SLEEP ERS Design page covers the detailed design of the SLEEP ERS from start to finish and shows various options for fully equipping a SLEEP ERS trailer system.


A fundamental component of the ERS Concept is the implementation of Mobile and Portable Solar Energy Solutions.  SLEEP began with a focus on implementing Mobile and Portable Solar Energy Solutions.  This important fundamental capability has evolved into the larger Emergency Response System (ERS) Concept but still remains as a critical central component of SLEEP products and services.  The following sections describe the original and unchanged features of Mobile and Portable Solar Energy Solutions.


Using Mobile and Portable Solar Energy Solutions Now

While the Solar Energy Systems developed by SLEEP are designed for Emergencies and Disasters, the same technology has direct applications for other uses as well.  As a result, SLEEP markets not only to Individuals and Emergency Services organizations but many others.  Other applications perfectly suited for the same technology include RVs, SUVs, Remote Area Power Stations, Special Events, and Promotional Events.  These Solar Energy systems provide clean quiet renewable energy that is ideal and appealing for many of these types of applications.  It is especially beneficial to be able to use the systems for these types of daily living or special events and to also know they are fully capable and on standby for possible emergencies or disasters, should they occur.

SLEEP Mobile Solar Energy Solutions


We develop and install custom Solar Energy Systems specifically designed for SUVs, trailers, and campers.  We provide extensive training for efficient usage and care of these Solar Energy Systems as part of any package we sell.  These Solar Energy systems are designed for immediate use as well as for possible Emergencies, making them very useful and cost effective.


A basic SUV system including 80W solar panel, digital charge controller, 100Ah AGM battery, and 1500W inverter is only $1,650* (call SLEEP for additional pricing and options).


*Also contact SLEEP for additional discounts available for Military, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Red Cross & Government (Law Enforcement, Fire, FEMA)


SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station


The SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station is a stand alone Solar Power Station that can be used for a number of applications.  This SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station incorporates a heavy duty wheeled cart and can be quickly set up and deployed as a stand alone power station.  It is ideal for Emergency Power Stations, Remote Power Stations, Recreational Events, Promotional Events, etc.  This SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station provides clean quiet energy on a temporary or long term basis.  The SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station is not only designed to perform as a power station but also designed for presentation as a great marketing and promotional unit*.


*Contact SLEEP for opportunities to purchase or rent the SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station for special events and marketing or promotional events indirectly or directly featuring Solar Power.  SLEEP can also provide a custom sunshade for special and promotional events (replaces the sunshade covering the batteries with customized image/logo).


A basic Portable system including two 80W solar panels, digital charge controller, two 100Ah AGM batteries, and 600W pure sine wave inverter as shown to the right and training is only $3,250* (call SLEEP for additional pricing and options).


*Also contact SLEEP for additional discounts available for Military, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), & Government (Police, Fire, FEMA))


****See deployment of a SLEEP Portable Solar Energy Station as a Cross Band Repeater to solve a real live problem at a 24 hour event at the SLEEP Cross Band Repeater page.


SLEEP Custom Emergency Preparedness and Survival Kits


SLEEP also provides extensive guides for Emergency Preparedness planning and preparation.  We build custom Emergency Preparedness and Survival kits tailored to individual needs.  These Disaster kits include a range of items from water and food supplies to communication equipment, first aid kits, and survival gear.  These kits are ideal as go bags for personal and family preparedness.


SLEEP Benefits


Low Overhead - Business conducted from Mobile SLEEP Units fully equipped for on-site installations.

Custom Installation - Directly work with you to design & install equipment/gear tailored to your specific needs.

Extensive Training - Provide personal training initially and on continuing basis as long as you own equipment.