SLEEP Emergency Response System (ERS)

SoLar Energy & Emergency Preparedness (SLEEP)

Will you be able to SLEEP when darkness comes?

SLEEP Emergency Response System (ERS)


The following PowerPoint presentation provides an introduction and overview for the SLEEP ERS Concept.  It contains information on why the SLEEP ERS was designed, what makes the SLEEP ERS different from other systems available on the market, the general capabilities of the SLEEP ERS, and who the clients are for the SLEEP ERS.
Please also see the SLEEP Custom ERS page for a presentation that documents an actual example of a custom SLEEP ERS Trailer system being built in stages and then deployed.  It shows quality of design and construction and comprehensive capability of a SLEEP ERS Trailer system.  In addition, visit the SLEEP ERS Design page which covers the detailed design of the SLEEP ERS from start to finish and shows various options for fully equipping a SLEEP ERS Trailer system.

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The SLEEP Emergency Response System (ERS) is the Concept behind SLEEP Products & Services.   The SLEEP ERS is a Comprehensive System to enable Preparedness to Respond to Emergency and Disaster scenarios.  SLEEP also Specializes in Self-Sustaining Solar Energy for Power for Short or Long Term scenarios as a primary component of the ERS Concept.  SLEEP Specializes in Advanced Overall System Design to meet Mission Critical Requirements as an essential component of the ERS Concept.


SLEEP primarily markets ERS as a Mobile Trailer System.  However, SLEEP Markets ERS for RVs, SUVs, and Fixed Off Grid, Remote sites as well (the ERS Concept applies equally well to these platforms).  SLEEP also markets Portable ERS Systems as part of larger systems or as standalone systems. 


The threat of Emergencies & Disasters is a Very Real and Present Danger including Extreme Weather, Wildfires, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Pandemic, etc.  Even recent history records many occurrences of these disaster scenarios.


Emergencies & Disasters may not be a Singular Event.  There may be a combination of Earthquake & Tsunami (and resulting Nuclear Power Plant failure).  There may be a combination of Earthquake and Major Volcanic Eruption.  What about Pandemic and Social Unrest?  Again, even recent history shows the devastation that can result from the combination of related disasters.


And what about Social Factors?  Social emergencies can erupt due to many factors and can result from natural disasters.  Are we really prepared for such scenarios?  See suggested reading: “One Second After” – William Forstchen and “Last Light”, “Night Light”, “True Light”, & “Dawn’s Light” – Terri Blackstock (The Restoration Series)


The reason for the SLEEP ERS is due to unpreparedness for Emergencies and Disasters.  This includes Individual unpreparedness, Community unpreparedness, and even the reality that Federal, State and Local Emergency and Disaster Services are often ill-prepared.


SLEEP ERS was born out of a desire for better preparedness for Emergency or Disaster situations including Individuals, Communities, and Federal, State, & Local Emergency Services.

What is Different about SLEEP ERS?

SLEEP ERS is Designed along the Constraints that the Commercial Grid is Down or Unavailable (Grid tie systems are down temporarily or permanently), Fuel for primary and backup systems is scarce, unavailable, or undesirable (Generator power if available, is only temporary), and Emergency Services are overwhelmed or unavailable (The cavalry is not coming any time soon!).


SLEEP ERS is Designed Exclusively for Sustained Off Grid Solar Energy including the use of Off Grid Mobile Solar Power and Off Grid Portable Solar Power.  Self Sustaining Solar Power is the best solution for Mobile and Portable ERS for both Short term and Long term disasters.


SLEEP ERS is Designed to meet Mission Critical System Requirements.  Self Sustaining Solar Power is a primary requirement.  Mission Critical System Requirements including Power, Communications, Security, Refrigeration, and Shelter are fundamental.  SLEEP ERS is Designed using SLEEP Custom Advanced Modeling Software to meet Mission Critical Requirements.  Predictive analysis drives design and load capabilities and constraints.


SLEEP ERS differences also include Emergency and Disaster Capability for both Emergency Services & Personal Capability.  Constant Readiness, suitable for Urban, Rural and Off Road is built in to the ERS.  Rugged Construction for Off Road Capability starts with a Heavy Duty Utility type trailer (or Toy Hauler).  Mobile Off Grid Capability includes Solar Power design for long term daily usage.

Who are SLEEP ERS Clients?

SLEEP Clients include Individuals, Communities, Commercial entities, Emergency Services, and Law Enforcement.  Capabilities range from those desiring Comprehensive Preparedness using complete ERS Mobile and/or Portable systems to those desiring to equip Mobile trailers or RVs for Off Grid living (which also serve in some capacity as ERS backup systems).


Applications include Amateur Radio Emergency Communications, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Fire/Rescue, Recreational/Promotional Events, Mobile Offices, Remote Offices, Remote Farming, Private Security, Private Investigation, Surveillance, and Covert Operations.


Will you be able to SLEEP when darkness comes?