SoLar Energy & Emergency Preparedness (SLEEP)
Will you be able to SLEEP when darkness comes?

SLEEP Produces and Sells Custom ERS Trailer systems as its primary product line.  SLEEP also provides Custom ERS for RVs, SUVs, Toy haulers, and fixed installations.  The following PowerPoint presentation documents an actual example of a SLEEP Custom ERS Trailer system being built in stages and then deployed.  It shows quality of design and construction and comprehensive capability of a SLEEP ERS Trailer system.  Note that SLEEP builds out the systems from beginning to end and options include fully equipping ERS as in this example.  Please contact us for SLEEP ERS Trailer systems pricing and options.  SLEEP ERS Trailer systems pricing begins at around $20,000 and can be fully equipped such as in this example for $30,000-$40,000.
Also see the SLEEP Emergency Response System page for an introduction and overview of the SLEEP ERS capability.  In addition, visit the SLEEP ERS Design page which covers the detailed design of the SLEEP ERS from start to finish and shows various options for fully equipping a SLEEP ERS trailer system.

SLEEP ERS Custom Build V1.9.pptx



SLEEP Custom ERS Build and Deploymnt
The following pictures show a Custom ERS Trailer system build and deployment.